Hi, I’m Elena, the author of Cook My Food blog. I will not pretend that I know everything about cooking or nutrition. For me food is inevitable pleasure. And I want to share it with you.

I grew up in Moscow, Russia with boring meat-and-potato kind of meals. Back then, I did not like cooking. In fact, I was so bad, that I could put a soup on the stove and completely forget about it until it would boil down to burned nothing. Then life brought me to Canada, where gastronomic diversity of Montreal showed me the excitement of flavors.

I started cooking, I was becoming better and got excited about food – meal after meal. I got into clean and healthy eating trend – and why not? Gotta be cautious: we are what we eat after all.

And now I’m back in Russia, in sunny city of Sochi, where I am trying to keep up my culinary habits. Russia is a place where most people would say “qui-no-what?” and where kale is nearly an exotic leafy green, but I’m trying to stay away from pelmeni and those old meat-and-potato kind of meals.

Join me on this journey of simple daily eats, yet flavorful and healthy.