Banana cherry smoothie bowl recipe

Banana cherry smoothie bowl

I guess I don’t need to mention that smoothie bowls are becoming super popular. You can see appetizing pictures all over Pinterest or web search results as soon as you type in ‘smoothie bowl’. Colorful, topped with fruit, nuts and seeds, they seem too good to be true. I mean you’d think that something looking that good cannot be healthy.

Banana cherry smoothie bowl recipe

Benefits of a smoothie bowl

In fact, smoothie bowls are more nutrient dense than their liquid counterparts. Smoothie in a bowl is quite thick, and eating it with a spoon rather than drinking from a glass sends a special signal to the brain saying “I am eating”, thus keeping you feeling full longer.

Thick smoothie

Smoothie bowls are packed with all the good stuff from fruits: vitamins, minerals, potassium, dietary fiber, folic acid. And you are guaranteed to get all of it with every smoothie bowl. Because so far I have not come across a smoothie bowl recipe that does not call for a portion of fruits.

They are super quick to prepare. Unless you go a complicated way like I did, and start pitting cherries with a regular knife. But rather than that, prepping boils down to washing fruit, putting everything in a blender and serving. And this makes smoothie bowls a perfect breakfast on a weekday.

How to prepare smoothie bowl

And lastly, smoothie bowls simply look good, don’t they? I know, I know – don’t judge book by the cover… I normally put an argument for appetizing presentation: it cheats your brain into thinking that you are eating something tasty, even if it’s not so much. But smoothie bowls are as good on the inside, as they are on the outside.

How to make a great smoothie bowl. Every time.

There is no complicated secret behind a good smoothie bowl. I normally include the following key components, and they seem to work.

Key smoothie bowl ingredients


Smoothie bowl starts with a load of fruit. Any kind. Fresh or frozen. One of the key fruits in here is a banana. It’s an all-time saver. Not only it adds natural sweetness, it helps to keep that texture thick and smooth.


Without liquid it would become a “fruit puree” bowl. And we don’t want that, because we already have a heavy load of natural sugar coming from fruit. And, believe me, your blender will be much happier to work with some liquid in it. Normally smoothie bowl recipe calls for milk or a vegan alternative. But I have discovered something else: kefir. It’s a fermented milk dairy product, so it has all the benefits of regular milk, but also has some good bacteria to keep your gut in top shape. Kefir is thicker than milk too, so another point for the texture.


To get the perfect texture, you can use a “thickener”. Don’t worry, I’m talking about oats! A good scoop of oats adds those complex carbs that will keep you feeling full for a few hours after breakfast. I always keep some oats handy to add into my smoothie bowl if it turns too thin.

Why am I so stuck on texture anyway? Because you want it to be thick enough to hold all of those wonderful toppings!


Smoothie bowl toppings

Pieces of fruit, nut, seeds, shredded coconut! Anything goes! Not only it serves the aesthetic purpose, it also adds a load of nutrients. Who would say no to a good sprinkle of chia seeds or flax seeds? Oh, and it kind of makes it more interesting to have crunchy nuts among this smooth fruity texture.

So go ahead and let me know what you think!

cherry smoothie bowl recipe

Banana cherry smoothie bowl
Prep time
Total time
Try this fruity breakfast bowl on a busy weekday for a nutrient rich start of the day.
Recipe type: Breakfast
Serves: 2
  • 2 bananas
  • 1 cup of cherries
  • 1 cup of kefir
  • ½ cup of oats
  • Nuts, seeds, shredded coconut for decoration
  1. Put one and a half bananas into a blender cup. Leave half a banana for decoration.
  2. Pit cherries, keep some berries for decoration and put the rest into your blender.
  3. Add kefir and oats, blend everything until smooth.
  4. Pour the mix in the bowls, top with pieces of fruit, nuts, seeds.

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