Zoodles, my love

These low carb spaghetti are an awesome alternative to wheat pasta or rice noodles. Zoodles can be used practically in any recipe – with marinara sauce or with garlicky shrimp. My first take on zoodles was with salmon fillet. We[…]

How to cook Mexican food

Tacos, burritos, nachos, guacamole, fajitas… What do all these dishes have in common? A certain set of ingredients and spices that give all of these dishes their typical Mexican food flavor. Is there a difference between Mexican and southwestern cuisine?[…]

Salad for any occasion

How do you choose a salad recipe? I mean, yeah, I know, we all go to Pinterest for some inspiration. But how do you select “the winner of the day”? You are probably looking for something specific: to use up[…]

Chicken hearts skewers

First of all, before even starting to talk about this “lick-your-fingers” grilled chicken hearts recipe, let me add a side note about meat by-products. Normally there are only 2 reactions about meat by-products: either total disgust or pure culinary interest.[…]